Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Financing

We want to not only give you great rates when you finance your vehicle, but also want you to know that we will be here for you for the life of your loan.

It is important to have the option to stop in and talk directly to your loan officer.  If you would rather email or call, we do that too.  You will never have to call a toll-free number and get lost in a phone chain to find an answer.

Here are some of our services we are happy to provide to our customers.

With all of our vehicle loans, the costs are very low and we have no pre-payment penalties.

Car Loans and Refinancing

Truck Loans and Refinancing

Motorcycle  Loans and Refinancing

Our Vehicle Loans

Are you going to purchase a vehicle from a dealership or an individual?

We have very competitive interest rates for all of our vehicle loans.  With our vehicle loans there aren’t any hidden fees or charges.

Vehicle Refinancing

Refinancing your car loan may allow you to lower your interest rate, it can also reduce your payment.  If we have a better rate than you currently have you could also pay the same amount and pay off your loan sooner.

Cost of Financing

We have one of the lowest costs anywhere to finance your vehicle.  We charge a small fee to apply for the loan and no fees if you then decide to take out a loan with us.

Our typical loan lengths vary from 6 – 72 months depending on age of vehicle and/or the length of time you desire to have the loan.

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Looking to purchase a vehicle?

We’re here to answer your questions. Just fill out this form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

You can also call us @ 419.562.6896 or drop by, we are happy to help you no matter how you wish to communicate.

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This calculator is for estimates only and does not reflect your exact situation. This can only be done by one of our loan officers.

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