Checking, Savings, and other Investments

You deserve more than just a phone number or an online site to manage your savings and checking.  Our apps make it easy to manage your money.  We want to not only give you great rates when you deposit your money, but also want you to know that we will be here for you.

It is important to have the option to stop in and talk directly to a teller.  If you would rather email or call, we do that too.  You will not have to call a toll-free number and get lost in a phone chain to find an answer.

It is our goal to become your family’s financial center.

Here are some of our services we are happy to provide to our customers.

Passbook Savings

This saving account uses a passbook.  The passbook must be present to withdraw money.  Direct deposits are allowed in this account and a $10.00 minimum is required.

Statement Savings

This savings account, with activity, will generate a statement just like a checking account does each month.  Automatic withdraws and debit cards may be used with this type of savings account.

Regular NOW Checking

This type of checking account is good for people who want to earn interest on their checking account.  This does require a minimum balance of $200.00 to be kept in the account to avoid a $10.00 monthly service charge fee.

Personal Checking

This checking account only takes $100.00 to open and must maintain a positive balance.

Business Checking

This is a special checking account tailored for small businesses.  It does require business papers and an EIN number to open.  Business Checking requires $100.00 to open and only requires a positive balance.

Bump CD’s

The main advantage of bump certificates of deposit (CD) is that you are able to come in and move your interest rate up during the term of the CD.  How many times will vary depending on the type of the CD.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We have both Roth and Traditional IRA accounts.  We do not have any annual fees or transfer fees.

Super NOW Checking Account

This is an investment account and requires $2,500.00 to open.  *For any day the balance falls under $2,500 it earns the NOW checking rate. A $10.00 service charge applies to balances that drop under $200.00 (once per month).

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit or commonly called CD’s are a great way to earn more interest than a standard savings account.  If you don’t need immediate access to your money this is a great way to save.  There are term lengths for CDs ranging from 6 months to 36 months, all insured by the FDIC. Once the term is over, you can withdraw your initial amount plus the accrued interest, or it will be renewed at the current rate (current rate is the rate we offer at the maturity date.).

Questions about any of our deposit products? If you don’t see something here, ask one of our deposit specialists.